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Sample Ceremonies

Your ceremony can be completely customized from start to finish. Please feel free to check out some of our past ceremonies!

Each of these couples chose to start with our 'standard' ceremony and tweak it to meet their needs - and we'll do the same with you!

One of our favorite ways to customize a ceremony is with a custom 'Message to the Bride & Groom' (similar to a Sermon in a religious service). We'll ask the two of you quite a few questions such as where was your first date, when did you fall in love, when did you know she was the one, what's the quirky thing he does that drives you nuts - but you'd miss if it were gone, where to do you see yourselves in 25 years, etc. and then incorporate your answers into the ceremony. The best part is that we ask you separately and don't share your answers - the first time you'll hear what the other said is during the ceremony!

Remember - it may not be your perfect ceremony, but it was for that particular couple and that's all that matters!

Sample Non-Religious Ceremony Order | Sample Non-Religious Ceremony Text

Sample Religious Ceremony Order | Sample Religious Ceremony Text

Ceremonies customized for past clients:

Matthew & Lynsey (Mr. Rogers, Velvetine Rabbit)

Todd & Amy (Ball & Chain, Right to Remain Silent)

Raul & Lisa (Miller Park)

Tom & Christine (Traditional)

Ian & Irene (Online Gaming, Seed Ceremony)

Andrew & Jennifer (Traditional, Sand Ceremony)

John & Amy (Traditional, Unusual Proposal)

Josh & Lauren (Traditional, Rose Ceremony)

Nick & Kristina (Non-religious, Personalized)