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Non-Religious Ceremony Order

The Order of Service below is for a standard religious ceremony but remember - it can be completely customized to meet your needs and we can even remove all religious references if you'd prefer. It's YOUR ceremony!

  1. Prelude
    Music played while everyone is being seated
  2. Processional
    Music played while wedding party moves up the aisle to the ceremony area
  3. Wedding March
    Special song played as bride moves up the aisle to the ceremony area
  4. Giving the Bride Away
    Father (or other important person) gives the bride to the groom
  5. Welcome
    The Officiant welcomes all the guests and thanks them for coming
  6. First Music Selection
    A soloist may sing the first song, giving the wedding party the opportunity to "take their places".
  7. The Charge to the Bride & Groom
    The Officiant addresses the bride and groom directly,
  8. Betrothal (The Pledge)
    The Officiant asks if the bride & groom are present of their own free will and are ready to be married. This is also the familiar 'for richer or poorer' part of the ceremony
  9. Readings (Optional)
    One or two poems or passages read by selected friends or family members
  10. Message to the Bride & Groom
    The Officiant provides a short message to the bride and groom talking about what it means to be married or talking about where the couple came from, why they have chosen to get married, and where life may take them.
  11. Vows
    This is the central focal point of the ceremony. It is at this time that the Bride & Groom make their promises to each other.
  12. Exchange of the Rings
    Rings are the visible sign of an invisible bond between husband and wife. They are given to each other so that all may see that their heart and soul have been pledged to each other.
  13. Unity Ceremony
    This symbolizes the joining of two separate lives into one.
  14. Pronouncement
    "I now pronounce you..." The official declaration by the Officiant that the bride and groom are married
  15. Presentation
    The Officiant introduces the newlywed couple
  16. Recessional
    Music played while the Bride, Groom, and the rest of the wedding party leave the ceremony