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Seed Planting Ceremony

Your Officiant willsay: Now BRIDE & GROOM are going to plant maple tree seeds to symbolically represent their new lives together and the growth of their love. The meaning of maple trees is varied across different cultures and includes balance, promise and practicality. To the Celts, the maple tree symbolized independence of mind, fullness of imagination and originality, learning easily, and sophistication. These seeds, or “whirlybirds,” are shaped to playfully spin as they fall, carrying them a considerable distance on the wind and making them a favorite of children.

And just like the seeds being planted today, marriage requires constant nurturing and nourishment. As BRIDE and GROOM provide the sun, soil, and water for these seeds to allow them to grow together, so too will they provide the daily encouragement, trust, and love needed to nurture and nourish their connection to each other.