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Same-Sex Couples

It's official! Same-sex couples can now marry in all 50 states!

So what's the difference between a gay wedding and a straight wedding? To us and to our couples, absolutely nothing! It's the chance to celebrate a couple's love and to legally bind them together as a couple forever.

Other Officiants & DJs talk about being "gay friendly" and how they "proudly support the gay community." At You Had Me At I Do, we are "couple friendly." As long as two people love each other and want to spend the rest of their lives committed to each other, we'll be there to help them start the rest of their lives together with a wedding ceremony.

Our gay couples and our straight couples get the same great service, choose from the same great packages, and enjoy the same great ceremonies.

Gay or straight, we will gladly create the wedding ceremony you've been dreaming of your entire life and then...on the big day...we'll make your dreams come true.

We also created a brand new package for license signing only just for this occasion! If you don't want or need a big ceremony but would still like to share vows in a special location and not standing at the county courthouse, our License Signing Only package is perfect.

Check out our sample Same-Sex Ceremony or contact us to learn more!