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Message to the Bride & Groom - Travel Trailer

So here we are!  The two of you are becoming husband and wife, promising the rest of your lives to each other.  Who would have thought, way back when you were just friends, that your lives would change so much and the two of you would be standing here today?

Jenna’s first thought when she saw Brian was ‘what a cute beard’.  Brian’s first thought, on the other hand, was ‘I’m going to marry her.’  Guess what, Brian!  You were right!  I do have some bad news, though…that truly was the first time you were right in this relationship but it will most likely be the last as well.

The wheels of fate or faith or luck or whatever you choose to call it started to spin that day. 

They began spinning a little faster when you had your first date on the scenic stretch in Michigan.  But, as often happens, the wheels began spinning in an entirely new direction…literally!  You bought your fifth wheel and left Michigan for a new adventure out west.

There are only two possible outcomes of living with someone in a 300 square foot space.  It will either drive you apart or permanently draw you together.  Thankfully, it drew you together.

Brian knew the first day he met Jenna that she was the one, no questions asked.  It took a little more convincing for Jenna, though.  She finally realized he was the one when they could work together to hook up the trailer and get it right on the first shot.

And it was in that trailer, on Valentines Day in 2012, in front of the fridge, that Brian finally popped the big question – what’s for dinner and what kind of ice cream did you get.  As Jenna was looking in the fridge to show him the ice cream she got, Brian pulled the ring out and surprised her when she turned around.  And she said yes.

I asked each of you, separately, why you want to marry each other.  Brian, Jenna wants to become your wife because you make her such a better person.  You’ve taught her to relax, you’ve taught her that everything doesn’t have to go perfectly, and you’ve taught her to love the little things in life. 

Jenna, Brian wants to marry you because, to put it simply, you complete him.

Up until this moment, the two of you have been on separate paths in life.  Sometimes your paths were separate, sometimes they crossed, and sometimes they were side by side.  Today, those two paths merge – you are now both together on one path, heading out into the unknown.

It’s impossible to say where this new path may take you.  On this path you might find yourselves with a ton of kids right away as Jenna wants.  For those of you that don’t know, Brian isn’t too keen on having a bunch of kids right away.  He figured if he got Jenna a puppy it would buy him a few years before the kids come.  The puppy came in December of 2012…so the clock is ticking!

This path will have some hills and it will have some valleys.  Brian will probably still bite his nails off and then chew on them and Jenna will probably still be asking Brian if he’s okay…all the time.


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