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Message to the Bride & Groom - Relationship History

Who would have thought back in January of 2011 that the two of you would be standing here today, ready to start your new life together as husband and wife?

So many things had to go exactly right…or exactly wrong…for the two of you to meet, fall in love, and eventually marry. What would have happened if you hadn’t decided to try eHarmony? What would have happened if Brian hadn’t listed his occupation at ‘scientist’, intriguing Katie? What if Katie hadn’t listed her name as Kate in her profile, sent an e-mail from Katrina, and signed it Katie – would Brian still have been as intrigued about who he was really talking with?

What if the two of you hadn’t both ended up in the DC area – would you still have decided to meet?

Thankfully, all of that went right. They chatted for a few weeks online and finally decided to meet. When she first saw Brian, her first thought was ‘ooooh….he looks like his picture! This date is going to be GOOD!’ Brian immediately realized that Katie was “the full package” and was excited to see where this relationship would go.

Their first date was at a Dupont Circle restaurant in DC…on an NFL Playoff Sunday. Brian took the subway and was there on time. Katie, on the other hand, decided to drive it. Let’s just say she wasn’t exactly on time. But that’s okay! Looking back on it now, Brian definitely feels that she was worth the extra two hour wait on their first date.

Now by the time their third date rolled around, Katie had figured out how to show up to a date on time. And it was on this date that the both of them began to realize that they may actually have something special.

First, it was lunch at a Mexican restaurant in Chinatown (I’m not exactly sure how that worked…but we’ll just go with it). Then it was on to the Newseum. After that, it was coffee at a local coffee shop. Neither wanted the date to end! And six hours later, as they were finally saying goodbye, both of them began to realize that there was something there!

As your relationship blossomed, the two of you began to realize that your lives were much better together than they could ever be apart. But life would test you on that! After moving in together in Maryland in 2011, Katie was recruited to a job in De Forest. She moved out here in January of 2012, leaving Brian in Maryland. It was tough for the two of you, with Brian flying out here every couple of weeks to be together with the woman he loved and to search for a job. Thankfully, a new job was found in July and Brian was able to move to Wisconsin in September. The two of you were finally together! And then, on a cold December evening last year, the two of you decided you should never be apart again.

For those of you that don’t know the story, Brian had been planning the evening for a while. They had walked through a Fantasy in Lights display back in DC together the year before and both loved it. Brian thought it would be incredibly romantic if he proposed to her at Waunakee’s Fantasy in Lights…not realizing that it was actually a drive through, not a walk through. That didn’t deter him, however, and he proposed…while he was driving through. She was so excited that she dropped her messy, sticky, candy cane in the car (which, for those of you that don’t know, is a pretty big deal for Brian and his spotless car).

Which brings us to where we are today, with the two of you standing there, ready to say “I do.” Nobody can tell you what the future may hold.

Who knows…Brian will still probably be parking his care in the parking spot that is the farthest away to avoid door dings. Hopefully, he will have learned by then to drop you off at the door instead of making you walk 10 miles…in heals….with a 10 below windchill.

And Katie will still probably be a ‘crubmly’ eater, driving Brian nuts as he tries to clean up after her.

There may be a couple of little Doctors Datillo running around the house. There will hopefully be family vacations and date nights and you’ll probably still be enjoying your careers as scientists.

There will be ups and downs in your new life together as husband and wife. There will be good days and bad days. But…as long as you remember why you decided to become husband and wife and how you feel about each other right now, here, today, you will get through the rough spots.

The two of you have some great role models to follow! Brian, your parents have been together for 38 years and Katie, yours for 34. When things get a little tough, I encourage you to reach out to your parents and ask for advice. Let them help you make your marriage as strong and enduring as theirs.

And, as the days and months and years pass by, you’ll begin to find that you’re even more in love with each other than you are today.

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