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Message to the Bride & Groom - Travel Trailer

Well, Katie & Pat, this is it! Who would have thought when you first met each other at UW Stout that you would be standing here today becoming husband and wife? 

Trevor, the Best Man, actually introduced them to each other. When Pat first saw Katie, he thought she had such a great smile and he wanted to see it every day. He thought that she had the most beautiful blue eyes that sparkled when he looked at her. e wanted to spend all of my time with her. When Katie first saw Pat, she saw little more than Trevor’s friend (who was a freshman…not really worth a Sophomore’s time). How things changed! It may have taken her a few years, but she eventually saw him as incredibly good looking, funny and sweet.

They began spending more and more time together, taking midnight walks around the campus and going to Jake's Supper Club in Menominee for their dates.

Katie eventually realized that Pat is her best friend and he is the one person in the world that she wants to share her life with. She knew he was ‘the one’ after he DIDN’T run away screaming after Katie’s surgeries and the time she spent on the pain killers. Apparently, narcotics have a way of turning Katie slightly loopy. His fate as ‘the one’ was set in stone when she saw him with the people she loves – he was kind and funny and makes everyone around him comfortable.

Pat eventually realized that Katie has such a positive look on life that she made him a better person. He knew she was the one the first time he took her to his cabin. It is on an island in the middle of the Wisconsin River just outside of the Wisconsin Dells (which is why they love this area so much). He has grown up in the outdoors his whole life. So he knew that he needed someone that enjoyed them equally. When she showed up she was obviously in love with his cabin. He found it incredible that this amazing girl also shared his interest in the outdoors. This made him realize that he wanted to spend the rest of my life with this girl.

So, on August 16th 2011, Pat asked…and Katie said yes. Pat proposed at the Kubley Cottage on Pretty Lake in Plymouth, Indiana (his mom’s family’s lake cottage). Pat got down to Pretty Lake two days before Katie and bought the ring the week before and it was burning a hole in his pocket (he really was not good at keeping secrets from Katie). The day that Katie was to arrive Pat set up a scavenger hunt with the help of his nieces’ Katelyn & Kenna’s art work (*the flower girls).

Katie had to work on that Tuesday prior to making the 4.5 hour trek to Indiana; she was running late (which apparently wasn’t much of a surprise!) and did not arrive until 11pm! Once Katie arrived she came into the cottage and encountered a few of Pat’s family members that were acting really weird. Then Pat suggested that Katie go on the scavenger hunt. The scavenger hunt had about 4 clues with the last one prompting Katie to go on the pontoon boat.

Once on the pontoon boat, Pat and Katie went for a moonlit evening cruise. It was on this cruise that pat got down on one knee. After she pulled the sweatshirt over her head Pat told her how much he loves her and how she makes him a better man. Then Pat asked her to marry him, and she said YES!

And that brings us to today, as you stand here ready to take each other as husband and wife. Until today, the two of you have been on separate paths. They wandered separately – sometimes converging, sometimes separating, and you were always free to choose your own path. After today, your paths become one and you must now walk this new path together.

Nobody can tell you what you’ll find on this new path that you travel together. It may bring you two or three kids…maybe with a boy first…or maybe even that Golden Retriever you’ve wanted…but probably not in that order (sorry, mom). In a few years, you may find yourselves living somewhere in Milwaukee with two or three kids and a couple of dogs.

It will probably bring many more years of Katie being way too organized…and Pat misplacing things just to get Katie all bothered. It will probably also bring many more years of an obscene amount of Pat’s dirty clothes with Katie wondering how the heck he gets so many clothes so dirty so quickly.

What life will bring you is a daily reminder that your commitment to each other is stronger than any other relationship that will come. You are a couple FIRST and you must always remember that. You must also remember that today, you chose to join your paths together for the rest of your lives. As long as you’re together, nothing else in life will matter.

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