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We're not your ordinary wedding DJ and Officiant company. True, we started out like the other guys with multiple weddings on any given day but our owner soon learned that more isn't necessarily better, especially for the client. He has a passion for perfection and only perfection will do. Anything less is a failure. Part-time weekend wedding DJs are there for a paycheck - they don't always have the same passion and they don't always strive for perfection.

Needing to ensure every client has the wedding of their dreams, he made the decision to do away with the other DJs and focus on personally giving every client the wedding of their dreams. When it's your company and your reputation, sometimes you just need to do it yourself to make sure it's done right. With almost 20 years of experience, he has the knowledge and skills to make your wedding reception absolutely perfect.

If you're looking for a DJ based on price, we're not the right company for you. If, on the other hand, you're looking for someone to make your reception absolutely perfect, you've come to the right place. We are the only people in the world that care about the your wedding day as much as the two of you do and we're the only people in the world that can make it as perfect as you've dreamed.
DJ Technology

We'll be the first folks to admit it - we're technology junkies. Technology is, after all, a way to make our lives easier! Here are some of the ways we're taking advantage of cutting edge technology.

Digital Music Library: While we may have started in the business when vinyl ruled, you won't find a 45, cassette tape, or even CD anywhere near your DJ. It's all done via computer. We traded in our record players, cassette players, and CD players years ago for computers. While many a DJ used to have only a few hundred songs at his or her fingertips, we now have thousands or even tens of thousands. And...if your DJ can access the web, he can purchase and download any requested song not already on the computer. Our music library has expanded from a few hundred songs to absolutely limitless!

LED Lighting & Effects: We've switched from power-hungry and heat-throwing incandescent lighting & effects to more energy efficient and much cooler LED lighting & effects. It's not a quick and easy process - LED lighting costs two to three times as much as traditional lighting, but the benefits make it worth it.

Online Music Library: Our entire music library is available online via the web (including smart phones). It is searchable by artist and title and even includes our 'most frequently requested' lists for Father/Bride, Mother/Groom, First Dance, Decades, Genres, and more. We'll place request sheets on each of the tables at your event that include instructions for finding our library and requesting songs. The sheets even include a smart phone scannable QR code for instructions online.

Custom Request Web Page: We'll give you your own custom request page on our site. Share the web address via your invitations or event web or Facebook page to let your guests request their favorite songs online. Unlike other companies, we do not require logins or passwords and we give you the request list ahead of time for your review.

Online Event Planning: While we do offer complimentary in-person planning, some folks prefer to do things on their own...in their pajamas...at 3:00am. We can make it happen! You'll have unlimited access 24/7 to the same event planning system we use when we meet. You're free to make whatever changes you'd like whenever you'd like.

Live Twitter Feed: Some of our DJs have upgraded their software to include a live 'now playing' Twitter feed. You and your guests can follow the DJ on Twitter to not only find out what's playing but also to request music without ever leaving your seats. The instructions are on the table top request sheets.

Recording of Speeches: We're piloting this service to select clients in 2014. If you're chosen as a pilot client, we'll record the speeches at your event and burn them to a CD for you to keep.

Auxiliary Input: We have it - an 'aux input' - just for you! We can tie in audio from MP3 players, iPods, projectors, computers, or any other source and play it over our sound system. We have headphone, 1/4", and RCA inputs available for you to use. Our favorite use was for a couple whose Best Man was called to Active Duty just days before the wedding. We were able to pipe his entire speech...direct from Iraq...into our system via a cell phone an our 'aux input'.

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A portion of our fee for every wedding is donated to Shriners Hospitals for Children and Special Olympics Wisconsin
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